Things To Explore On Your Honeymoon Trip to Manali

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What better time to celebrate the impending winter than during the wedding season? Weddings are an essential part of the winter season and so are honeymoons. A romantic getaway for young couples is quite important to them. It is a new life with a sudden turn of personal and professional space, hence, most couples decide to spend some time together before they go back to a new life of responsibilities.

This personal vacation of spending time with your partner eventually brings closure, respect, and support for each other. Hence, a honeymoon is not just a romantic trip but a heartfelt one.

The Ultimate Destination — Manali

It is truly the top pick for any couple looking for a getaway. Its calm, picturesque, have a lot to offer and is quite popular for its romantic spots. Couples look for the best instagrammable sites when it comes to their honeymoon. It is a special vacation and so should be the place. Hence, a hill station with nature’s absolute mesmerizing vistas seems like a good option.

Although it is quite famous, couples might get confused about what all things to explore while traversing the hill station. Here are some of our suggestions on the best things to do on a honeymoon trip in Manali.

Things to Explore as A Couple

You can start with capturing your special one with a backdrop of lush foliage or captivate them with a delectable dinner, the dubbed ‘Honeymoon Capital of India’ has plenty of options to go around to.

· Dive into Relaxing Hot Springs

For its natural sulphur springs, Himachal Pradesh is well-known. A town called Vashisht, 3 kilometers from Manali, is home to the most well-known spring. The hot springs in this charming village draw visitors from all over the world who want to take a soak. Couples who are in Manali on their honeymoon prefer to visit this location since the water there have restorative and calming qualities.

· Dining at Unique Locations

The journey to Naggar, an ancient castle, which is located 20 kilometers from Manali, is strange. Unimaginably lovely is the villa! For honeymooning couples looking for a place to eat out, Naggar’s lovely cafés are the ideal choice. They are able to have some fine cuisine while relaxing by the castle’s window. The vistas and sceneries are to remember and the unique experience of dining at a castle is memorable.

· Indulge in A Snowy Experience

A trip to Rohtang is a must for each couple on their honeymoon in Manali. Only foot traffic is allowed in Rohtang. This is a short and enjoyable hike and the pass is blanketed with snow all year round. Here, couples may enjoy snow activities such as sled rides, mountain biking, snow scooter, ski ride, tire drop, and skiing, all the equipment for participating in these activities is available for rent. You can also take an interest in building igloos using snow with your partners and capture the moments to bring back amusingly romantic memories.

· Experience Valleys & Meadows

The highest accessible valley in Manali is the Solang Valley, and it is a verdant peak valley. Sports activities like skiing, river crossing, and paragliding are popular among people visiting for the first time. Gourmet foods that are the niche in this valley are Madra, Dham, and Tudkiya Bharath are also available for adventurous foodie couples. Couples may take advantage of this valley’s popularity and also have photos taken while wearing native mountain attires and various accessories.

· Shopping & Delicacies at Mall Road

The principal market in downtown Manali in Mall Road. A straight, poorly lighted road with businesses, food stands, and restaurants lies in the distance. For newlyweds in Manali on their honeymoon, Mall Road is the ideal location — a charming stroll among towering mountains, odd stores selling trinkets, tiny cafés, and eateries, and seats spaced out at regular intervals. For shopping, things like locally designed woolen clothes, branded cloths, pottery items, wooden products, and jewelry are quite famous on this street located near the bus stand of a model town. The delicacies however native to this place are quite unique such as Khatta, Sidu, Babru, Patande, Bhey, and many more!

· Some More Water Sports in Beas

The river flows through Beas Town and is quite famous for its adventure sports. The river has immaculate water running through which provides a unique scenic bliss against the backdrop of lush green hills. Participate in these water sports on the Beas River’s white waters to boost your adrenaline rush. Valley crossing, rafting, canyoning, water-rock climbing, and snorkeling are some of the water activities available. A great trekking path is a rocky landscape around Manali. It is possible for couples to go on any sort of excursion, no matter how difficult. These hikes are unforgettable experiences since they conclude on hilltops blanketed with snow and provide breathtaking vistas.

· Lastly, Seek Some Blessings at The Hadimba Temple

This magnificent temple is protected by huge deodar trees and snow-covered slopes, which adds to its natural tranquility. The goddess Hidimba, who was the mother of Ghatotkacha and the wife of Bhima, is the focus of the temple. The 24 m high standing temple is an excellent place to end a romantic honeymoon stay in Manali. 2 kilometers separate the temple from the city’s core. The greatest way to cap off your journey of togetherness as you depart the city and embark on a new phase of your life might be to seek blessings and then head back to your home sweet home with your new life partner.

Bringing It to End

Exploring all these options for you and your partner can strike unique memories and conversations to know more about your partner and yourself. As you two travel along the city in harmony and in love, you will realize the bliss of having a person to share your life with. Grab the best deals on the Manali tour package from Delhi & Plan your honeymoon for this perfect destination of Manali which will bring back innumerable memories and stories to reminisce upon in the near and dear future. Make your love-filled trip more special with the best services of car rental in Delhi. Explore from our diversified car hire range and go with the best suitable for you.




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